Having a bath

Our Bath…

Last night I had to have a bath. That was one of the most painful and uncomfortable things I’ve had to do. For a start, getting into the bath. As I can’t use my legs, I have to rely on my arms.

They way I do it is I sit at one end of the bath and put my feet at the other. I have a shower hose I use to wash myself.

I have to be really careful not to get the water on my feet because it hurts a lot and feels like boiling water instead of the warm water it really is, so I need to use a face washer and carefully wash my feet.

Once I’ve finished washing myself, I need to dry myself. The rest of my body is fine, but when it comes to my feet, even that hurts, so I have to be slow and careful.

Even after all this, the pain continues because of how carefully I dried my feet they aren’t completely dry, so instead of being a bit cold, as someone normal would feel, it stings.

The pain stays in my feet for a while, so I just lie there in pain waiting for it to go down at least enough for me to go to sleep.

Unfortunately I’m a teenage boy so I have to wash and so far this is the best and most comfortable way we have tried, every other way leaves me in pain for a day after the bath!

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  1. Opa

    You haven’t used your name, so I assume you want to remain anonymous. This sounds aweful; even more than usual for a teenage boy who wouldn’t want a bath in the first place!

    Since I don’t have CRPS I don’t know what the pain is like. Can you have a go at describing it for me? Is like anything I would know about? A burn? A scratch or a graze? or like a sore leg after a lot of exercise?

    Please help me understand.


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